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Our Recent Work

Haiti Santa Claus Visited The Poor Haitian Children

Dec 2019 was a great day for the Haitian children in Palmetto, Dominican Republic. With the help and contributions of Mrs. Kethly Joseph Jean Baptiste, Santa Claus visited the poor community and gave out some toys for the children. With your help and donation, we can make this annual event bigger to help more people in dire needs.

Poor and Humiliated In A Foreign Country

Many Haitians left Haiti for a better life in a foreign country. Unfortunately, not everyone made it. Some die during travel and others killed and abused. For the few who made, some are living in some of the worst conditions. These two brothers have no hope, and we would like to help them. With your generosity and donations, we can give some of the people in the Underprivileged Community their dignity and respect back.

Please donate now! Make it count with just a dollar or more. Thank you!